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Our PEOPLE participation. WE CAN DO BETTER


We recently received a report from the International Union reflecting the PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) participation by the members of our retiree chapter. The numbers were rather eye opening since many of our members were outstanding PEOPLE participants before retiring and we know there is a significant interest by our members in the political process both by their participation in Day on the Hill and in legislative pension hearings.

Only 3% of our members are currently contributing to PEOPLE, only 1% at the MVP level.

I suspect that some of this is that when we were active employees we were able to make our PEOPLE contributions by payroll deduction. Since we no longer receive a paycheck from an employer and currently cannot deduct PEOPLE payments from our MSRS or PERA retirement checks we need to look at other ways to participate and make PEOPLE contributions.

GUESS WHAT!!! You can continue to make PEOPLE contributions and participate in PEOPLE by making your contributions either by credit card of automatic deduction from your checking account (much like many of us already do for organizations like MPR or Public Television. Go to the AFSCME PEOPLE link on the International website ( and follow the prompts to sign in as a member (if you have not already done so), identify the contribution amount you wish to make, the contribution source and some basic identifying information and you’re all set to continue as a valuable PEOPLE member of our Union.

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